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US Mint Bullion Silver Eagle Coin Sales In Jan. Beat 2014

2015 American Silver Eagle sales ended at 5,530,000 last month. That is more than double the 2014 December sales that reached 2,459,000, which stopped abruptly because the US Mint stopped all production for Silver Eagles that year. Still, the 2014 Silver Eagles claimed the record for annual sales ending at 44,006,000.

January 2015 sales topped the 4,775,000 Silver Eagle sales of a year ago by 15.8%. The American Silver Eagle bullion coin was introduced in 1986 and only four other months have scored higher than the Jan. 5,530,000:

Jan 2013, 7,498,000 coins

Jan 2011, 6,422,000 coins

Jan 2012, 6,107,000 coins

Oct 2014, 5,790,000 coins

This years 2015 Silver Eagle bullion coins were debuted on Jan. 12th. Distributors for the US Mint still cannot order as many as they want because all US Mint sales are rationed to maintain their inventory and hope for even distribution for all.

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