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Paul Revere Time Capsule Opened Yesterday, Jan 6th

In 1795, both Paul Revere and Samuel Adams buried a box-shaped time capsule inside a cornerstone at the Massachusetts State House in Boston. In early December 2014, the time capsule was unearthed due to a water leak and yesterday, Jan 6th, the time capsule was opened at the Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts.

Pam Hatchfield, head of objects conservation for the museum, was the lucky lady to actually remove each item from the box in front of many onlookers at the Museum. Some people were worried about the contents of the box and if they had held up okay while being buried for almost 200 years. Surprisingly, a lot of the contents of the time capsule were in great shape.

Inside the time capsule rested: five folded newspapers, a Massachusetts commonwealth seal, a title page from Massachusetts colony records and at least 24 coins.

And at the bottom, an inscribed rectangular silver plate. Possibly made by Paul Revere himself.

The coins found in the capsule consist of a half-cent, one-cent, half-dime, 10-cent and 25-cent coins. Another set of coins included a pine tree shilling from 1652 and a copper medal showing George Washington.

Because of the history behind the contents, some appraisers believe that the contents could be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Everything found in the capsule will be displayed at the museum until further notice.



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