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Heritage FUN Show Auction Brings In Over $26 Million Wednesday

The Heritage Platinum Night Auction shocked the crowd Wednesday as the night ended with over $26 million in coins sold. The auction was held at the Florida United Numismatists (FUN) show in Orlando, Florida.

On a side note, the famous pawn shop owner, Rick Harrison, Star of the show “Pawn Stars”, was in attendance watching a Proof 1922 Peace, high-relief dollar that he had purchased at his shop for $80,000. The coin ended up selling for $99,875 yesterday at the FUN show.

The top two coins auctioned off last night both exceeded $2 million.

The top coin sold last night, a 1793 Chain Cent, graded MS66 brown by PCGS with a CAC sticker, blew away the crowd after the hammer dropped. It sold for $2.35 million.

Following the Chain Cent, was a beautiful 1907 $20 Ultra High Relief gold piece, graded PR68 by both NGC and PCGS Secure. This coin in particular was the first of its kind ever offered in auction, and gathered $2.115 million.

Here is a list of some other coins that were sold for a healthy amount last night at the auction:

1. 1795 BD-1 Half Eagle MS66 – $587,500

2. 1826 Capped Bust Left Half Eagle MS66 PCGS CAC, BD-2 Variety – $564,000

3. 1792 H10C Half Disme MS63 NGC – $305,500

4. 1776 Continental CURRENCY Dollar MS65 PCGS – $258,500

5. 1884 Double Eagle PR65 Deep Cameo PCGS CAC – $246,750

6. 1795 Small Eagle $5 MS64 NGC, BD-1 Variety – $229,125

There will be another Heritage auction held tonight at the FUN show. It is expected have several coins go far over $1 million each.

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